18th May 2015

About Us

We are a networks and infrastructure consultancy, specialising in network architecture design, IP engineering and the associated configuration/installation and managed services to Enterprise and Service Provider environments. We have specialist expertise in building and maintaining IPv4/IPv6/MPLS networks, whether you want to build a new environment, update existing infrastructure, or are just looking for an outsourced network team to help take care of things day to day:

  • Over 15 years experience with Cisco (to dual CCIE level) and Juniper.
  • IP networks: MPLS, BGP, OSPF, ISIS, IPv4 & IPv6, QoS, VPN (MPLS / site to site), Security (firewall, IDS/IPS), network review and analysis – providing recommendations for enhancement.
  • Design, implementation, operations: Service Provider infrastructure IP/MPLS networks, BGP, Transit, Peering, L2VPN (VPLS/EVPN), L3VPN (VPNv4, VPNv6), LLU/EFM/xDSL/EAD wholesale technologies.
  • Design, implementation, operations: Service Provider services (TACACS, RADIUS, Syslog, DNS/Bind, HTTP, Sendmail, Squid).
  • Network monitoring (Solwarwinds/Nagios/Cacti/Icinga/Observium).
  • Operational training: Operational handover, Technology, Workshops.

Please contact us with your requirements:

Mcom Systems Ltd
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